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chief gopher explains

who we are


Leaders, not managers

We are a meritocracy with an entirely flat structure. We have no managers. Instead, we have leaders. We make up our own job titles (e.g. Chief Gopher) because what counts is what you do, not your title. At Scottish American, responsibility isn’t delegated, it’s taken.

All walks of Life

We’re special. One out of every 20 employees has a significant special challenge –whether it’s Down Syndrome, Asperger’s, multiple sclerosis, blindness, diabetes, or permanent injuries. But challenges aren’t excuses and high performance is the standard.

We were founded by an immigrant. We’re diverse with every background, ethnicity, creed, and have teams worldwide.

10x growth in 5 years

We’ve grown by 10x over the last five years. We love our partners and are proud to represent them.

We’ve created more than 100 American jobs. We’re proud to be what America is founded on –opportunity and most importantly, we’re owned by our people.

Most people don’t fit here

It’s not like everywhere else. We aren’t trying to be.

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